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One of the basics of security with a WordPress website, or many other types of websites, is keeping it up to date. The three basic components of security are:

  • Locking your website down
  • Backing up your website
  • Keeping your website’s components updated.

What I’ve noticed is that even people who are very good with the first two components, often fall short when it involves keeping things up-to-date. This is a security risk

Over time, vulnerabilities are discovered, or new methods of exploitive hacking are invented and doors open to exploiting a website. The developer’s community in general is pretty good with quickly issuing fixes to these vulnerabilities, but it’s generally up to the website owner to apply them.

UpdatePanelBeyond the security issues, many updates are bug fixes or refinements in the code to make your site run better.

It’s usually not hard to keep a website’s components updated, but it requires paying attention and taking care of it . . . on a regular basis. It’s sort of like changing the oil in your car, some people are good at it and others not. The trouble is that not taking care of it can have significant consequences and maybe even result in the loss of your site.

If you don’t know how and want to try updating your website yourself, here are some simple instructions: Access and Update Your Site

For those of you who have decided it’s just not something you care to spend your time doing, I’ve decided to offer a subscription service to take care of it for you. For $35 a month, I (or one of my crew) will keep your site up-to-date. Specifically what the fee includes.

  • We set up to receive weekly notices of components that need updating on your site.
  • We keep a list of components that are subject to updates
  • Once a month we go in and make sure everything is up-to-date and the database is clean
  • We closely follow the bulletins on website security. If a vulnerability is discovered in one of your components, we quickly go in and address it – either through turning off the component (if needed) or updating it (if available).

It was hard knowing how exactly to structure this. We want it to be affordable so people will feel they can easily keep their websites updated, but we also have to respect the time we put into it. $35 a month feels like a good balance.

So, if you are interested all you need to to is sign up. If we need more information we’ll let you know. Other than that, we’ll keep you in good stead.

YES!  Please just do it for me!  

Keep my site secure and up-to-date!

  • $35 per month, automatic billing 
    Website Updates - Monthly Billing

( •You can cancel at anytime. )

Prefer an alternate payment/billing method?  Just let me know.