Here is what a few of the people I work with have said . . .  


Nik Pallandino“Awesome Garry, I don't know what this is or what it does because I'm a tech-tard BUT I appreciate your diligence and constant support. . . . we have no intention of ever moving our hosting anywhere because you're awesome and I don't think we could possibly get better customer service from anyone.

“. . . as long as I have a geek like you around I can proceed through life blissfully ignorant to the way this part of the universe works.”

Nikolas Palladino

 (Owner: Phinney Ridge Painting • Phinney Ridge Painting )


Bartsmall“I am a fine art photographer who needed plenty of help to set up a professional Website.

“Garry is a Swiss Army Knife with encyclopedic Web knowledge and a huge bag of tools. He is quick to diagnose a problem and his solutions are well-explained and easy to understand.

“If you are considering venturing into the Internet Swamp, Garry is an essential guide and sidekick.”

 Bart Norton  

(CEO Susquehanna Fine Arts, LLC • Susquehanna Fine Arts )



“Garry Dufresne is one of the very few people I have no problem recommending online.

“If you have the chance to work with him, I would do it in a second. The guy is extremely smart, humble, honest, thorough, and constantly goes above and beyond. He keeps up with the evolution of SEO on a daily basis, and has achieved awesome results.

“I've had the honor of knowing Garry for over a year now, and asked him to work with me as a moderator of our forum. He's a huge asset to our team, and we're lucky to have him.”

 Kelly Felix  

(Having founded numerous multi-million dollar businesses on the internet, Kelly is a legend in the field of internet marketing. He is considered a true pioneer and innovator. His latest wildly successful project is  CreditSecret.org )


 “We've worked with Garry for more than 20 of our 27 years in business. In that time his advice and recommendations have always been spot on.

“Without fail he's been there for us on a monents notice, helping us to identify and achieve our objectives, often saving us a significant amount of money in the process.

“He clearly understands the challenges of a small business in today's fast changing world.  As a small business owner, Garry is truly one of out most valuable resources.” 

Lindy Ward

( Lindy Ward is co-owner of Seattle's premier knitting and yarn store:  Tricoter – Fabulous Yarns )


MarianneSmall“”Garry set up my interior design firm's website several years ago, and continues to manage it for me. I have complete confidence that he will take care of anything that arises. Garry is extremely timely, reliable, reasonably priced, and above all, competent. I feel so lucky that I don't have to worry about a thing!”

Marianne Minor

 (Owner: Marianne Minor Interior Design • MinorInteriorDesign.com )


“I can honestly say that without Garry Dufresne, my business wouldn't exist. He's been a trusted advisor from the beginning nearly 20 years ago.

“Garry's integrity, encouraging and calm support, and cutting-edge marketing know-how are qualities any business will profit from. I highly recommend Garry. Who ever chooses to work with him, will be in good hands indeed.”

Magrit Baurecht

 ( Principal – Core Creative Team | Graphic Design for Web and Print | CoreCreativeTeam.com )


“Last October, I decided to embark on a new business venture. I've been a fine-art travel photographer for over 20 years and wanted to expand into guiding tours for hobby photographers, starting the following May in Tuscany, Italy.

“We were aware that we had a very late start to pull this off on such short notice but Garry pulled out all his amazing online marketing skills. Within an astoundingly short time, he was able to get photographytraveltours.com to rank #1 on Google and help us fill our first trip which turned out to be a great success.

“Garry continues to be our online marketing director, constantly coming up with new strategies for growing the business (which, BTW, has already tripled within one year), laying out clear marketing plans with action steps, gently notching us when we fall behind with the work we need to do on our end, and generally keeping an eye on our high rankings and business progress.

“I consider Garry an invaluable resource and asset to my business.”

Jim Nilsen

 (Jim Nilsen Photography • Photography travel Tours )

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