Website Security Lockdown Pack


Frustrated HackerReady to get serious about protecting your site? This Website Security Lockdown package will do the job leaving the hackers frustrated and locked out.

Once you commit, we’ll have a brief conversation about your site, how it functions and how you use it. Then we’ll set it up and lock it down with state-of-the-art security.

After it’s set up there’s not much for you to do in this regard, you can rest easy that you are well protected. Combine this with a good backup system and regular updates and you’ll probably never have an issue.Man_Hammock_Colored

Now to be honest, much of what we do is a bit technical and while I’m happy to talk to you about it, most of it might just seem like a foreign language. I will however distill down some of the main points we address

  • Create a unique Login Address
  • Simple captcha protection at login – easy for humans, impossible for bots
  • Correct generic account names
  • Lockout unwanted login attempts
  • Hide login names from public view
  • Create Secure Password
  • Lockdown essential vulnerable website files
  • Hide sites structure data (meta info)
  • Create Unique database prefix
  • Set proper secure permissions on all files and folders
  • Lock out back door access (xmlrpc.php)
  • Whitelist known users locations
  • Spam Protection
  • Detect site file changes
  • Disable the ability for visitors to select and copy text
  • Disable Remote iFrames
  • Auto notification of available theme, plugin and system updates

security-highSo, of course, my recommendation is to go for it. It's a one time set up fee, then you're done and protected. To pay securely online with a credit card or PayPal, just click the “ORDER NOW” button.

Price: $150.00

Now if you really want to cover every base and save a little money in the process, you should consider “The Whole Enchilada Security Pack” which combines our security lock down, monitoring for updates and automatic backups at a considerable discount.