Security and Backups


After too much time spent restoring sites and cleaning them up after hacker destroy them, I've decided to offer a security and backup packs for my clients running WordPress websites. These packs are solid, state of of the art, resources at a very reasonable price.

In a nutshell, the packs are:

  1. Automated Backups to Secure Remote Servers (covers your booty should something go wrong)
  2. Security Lock Down (keeps the hackers out.)
  3. Updates Monitor (watches for available updates to plugins, themes and core files, then alerts you.)

The Whole Enchilada Website Security Pack offers them all rolled into one at a discounted price.

RightUpArrowYou can read about the various packs using the links to the right.  My recommendation of course is the Whole Enchilada pack to give your valuable asset, your website, the fullest protection.

Setting up these packs is a one time fee, the protection is ongoing.

Questions?  Just let me know either via the contact form or you can call me at (206) 420-6580.


Note: The Malware Scanning is not a Pack I offer but an excellent product at an excellent price for those who want vigilent scanning of their sites for any possible security breaches.