Branded Professional Email




Ok . . .you’ve got a website, you’re building a brand . . . but you’re still using Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for your email communications. Why not bring your email into the fold?

Having your own branded professional email system not only gives a good impression to your clients and potential clients but when set up properly is allows communications and sharing within your business to be more straight forward, less likely for missteps. It’s an all-around good business assetGApps

Maybe you’ve recognized this and have hobbled together a system using GoDaddy or your web hosting account. These can work but don’t really take you all the way there. In fact, if they are done incorrectly they can actually harm you.

A good, solid professional email system it not only easier to manage and more feature rich, but also has structures and systems in place that increase the deliverability of your emails making them less likely to wind up in people’s spam folders.

Once you decide there are a few ways to go but the system we recommend is Google Apps for Work. Google Apps gives you one of the best email systems in the world and includes a large number of other services in the price. While many of these you may never use, the Google Drive for storage, Google Calendar and Google Docs alone are often valuable tools within a business.

While there are a couple of plans available, for the majority of business owners, the basic Google Apps for Work is $5 a month per email account. So if you need 4 separate email accounts that would be $20 a month. The system is very flexible so you can start with with what you think you need and adjust as you go along. The first 30 days is free.

We charge $250.00 to set it all up for you and take care of the “geek” stuff. Once it’s set up we back you up with our unparalleled support . . . including a full set of instructional videos so you don’t need to be dependent on us if you don’t want to be. This set up includes up to 5 email accounts of your choosing. If you need more than 5 email accounts it’s no big deal, we’ll just need to talk about the best way to fulfill your needs.

Sign up now, we’ll contact you with a few questions and have you up in almost no time.


Price: $250.00