Miscellaneous Services


While I provide a wide range of services for keeping your online business machine running smoothly and a the top of it's game, these tend to be highly individualized for each client's individual needs.

There are however a few common services that I can list here to give an indication of costs and what's involved.

Changing Hosting/Moving a Website – $75 to $150

Generally if there are no significant issues we can move a website for $75.00.  Occasionally the job is more complicated and we reserve the right to charge up to $150 (or even more) . . . BUT we will alway let you know in advance, including lower cost options if we know of them.

Ongoing SEO Service – $200 to $1000 monthly

For some “locally based” businesses, the Local SEO Foundation Pack will be all they need. It will usually put you ahead of the competition in terms of a coordinated and powerful approach. However, for others, the competition is stronger and there may be a need for ongoing, or temporary ongoing services to win your place at the top.

The pricing is highly individualized after an analysis of the competition and learning what it will take to help you dominate.


Questions or clarifications?    Just let me know.



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