Malware Scanning


No matter how good your website defense is, there is always the possibility that criminal hackers will find a way in and infect your site with their malware. If you've got a good security lockdown, keep your site software up to date and keep good backups you're well protected.

But if your site is valuable to you, particularly is you depend on it for revenue, you may want to subscribe to a service that will regularly scan your site, keeping a watchful eye for known malware, alert if it finds anything and help you clean it up.

One of the dangers of not noticing early enough that your site is infected can be “blacklisting” by the search engines.  They send up warning to visitors that your site is not safe.  A good scanning service will help you clear this up also should it progress that far.

I do not offer a scanning service, but I've spent a lot of time looking into it and think I've found a great service at a great price. In recommending this, I receive no compensation. I just feel that at this very reasonable price, you may want to seriously consider it.

You can find the details here:  Scroll down for the very reasonable pricing.