Local SEO and Directory Foundation



  • Increase your visibility online for the people that matter (your customers)
  • Coordinate your pages (Google Maps, Yelp, etc) into a well tuned machine
  • Dominate your local listings, make people notice, get more traffic

You’ve got a real business. Your customers or clients come to a specific location or you service a specific region. You know the internet can help you grow your business.

Most likely, you are inundated with people trying to sell you SEO services. The truth is that most of these are “cookie-cutter” services giving exactly the same to everyone who buys in. And in some cases they can do more harm than help.

SunergyThe Local SEO Foundation Pack is different. We take a more personal approach, get to know your business and look specifically at your market. We look at all your pages: Your website, Google Places and Maps, Yelp, Angie’s list and more. We look for what's wrong and bring them all under your control so they are YOUR pages, then correct the mistakes.

Then we make sure these pages deliver a unified message to the public and to the search engines. This is probably more important than you may think; the search engines want to be certain you are worthy of ranking and they do this by checking for consistent, well formulated messages around the web.

First we bring control and order to your online assets so they can truly serve you. Once that is established we look at your competition and build a plan for dominating your segment of the market.

Too often this whole thing is approached in a haphazard way, never really understanding the coordinated whole and the power it can give you. The mistakes could be by a business owner trying to do it themselves, or by an SEO company who doesn't really care. But getting it wrong can actually be harmful to your efforts.

We understand how it's supposed to work, we create a well tuned personalized machine that will serve you for the years to come. Then, we give you the tools to move forward capturing the traffic that should be yours, the traffic that translates to more business.

Business Owner

Happy Business Owner

With more traffic, The Local SEO Foundation Pack is money well spent.

Price varies based on business needs. Contact us now, we'll discuss your online presence and goals, absolutely no strings. Afterwards, we'll give you a breakdown and prices of what we believe best serves you.

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