Local Listings – Directory Listings – Local SEO

So, you have a real, physical business. You have a location . . . or several locations. You want your business to be found in Google and other online searches.

SearchWhat does that mean?

Well, first there are many different ways for your business to be found online. I’m going to focus on showing up in relevant search results. But even here there are a number of ways your business might show up in the listings.

It could be a Yelp listing, your website, a Google Places or Map page . . . just to name a few.

If properly managed, all of these are good, BUT the most important is generally Google Places/Maps. Doing well here, getting it right, will give a better chance of ranking for any of your pages and website; particularly in Google searches. It’s Google’s game, make them happy and they’re more likely to give you the exposure you want.

So first lets take a look at a page of results from a typical Google search, we’ll use the search term “Best Dentist.” Keep in mind that there is a great variety of how result pages are shown and Google is aways changing, mixing it up. But this is a good typical example.

Best Dentist

The above graphic shows the results of our search for “Best Dentist.” First and on the right are paid listings (ads), then is Google+ or Maps listings (referred to as the 7-pack). After this comes the “organic” listings which are all other pages and sites. In this case a Yelp page shows first. All of these businesses have websites, but they are most easily being found by other “directory” pages.

I don’t want to go into all the complicated and technical reasons that a site or page shows up or not . . . but I do want to emphasize that the more coordinated and well planned your efforts are the more likely you are to show prominently in search results. When I say “coordinated” I mean bringing all your “properties” (your website, Google+, Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, etc) into a well thought out system that gives each more power and likelihood if being found.

And, unfortunately,  getting it wrong can actually hurt your efforts.

These properties, all talk to one another, gleaning clues as to what your business is about and how “worthy” it is of being shown to searchers.


Getting each component right can create a well tuned machine that increases traffic to your business.

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