Core Creative Team Special Deal


Magrit has asked me to provide a special deal for her clients on Prosper Mountain packaged services. This discount is only available to Core Creative Team clients and will be offered only for a limited time.

Please do not share this page with others. I will verify with Magrit that any purchase is indeed from a real client of Core Creative Team.

We are offering a 15% discount on any combination of the services listed below. Minimum purchase to qualify is a pre-discount price of $200.

These are the packs that are currently eligible. (click any link for more info):

Website Hosting  – Starting at $175 annually

Whole Enchilada Website Security Pack – $250 (one time fee)

Local SEO and Directory Foundation Pack – (one time fee) Price varies based on business needs

Simply choose the services you want from their respective pages.  At checkout just enter the discount code; the total will be automatically adjusted.

CoreCreativeTeam 15% off code:  CCT15

Note:  Choosing more than one year of hosting will give you both the multi-year discount and an additional 15% off.

Questions or clarifications?  Just let me or Magrit know.  Prefer to pay by check?  Just let me know and you'll receive the same discount.

Welcome aboard!


GARRY DUFRESNE – Owner: ProsperMountain

phone: 206-795-5719