Backup Automation Pack

I'm jazzed about this one!

Think of backups as insurance. You keep things secure and up to date because your site is valuable. But despite best intentions sometimes things go wrong.

Servers go down, hackers find an unknown way in, you make a mistake . . .  and your site is gone or damaged. There is nothing better than a good set of backups, keeping safe copies of your site for simple, relatively inexpensive restore. It can be the difference between a quick easy restore vs an expensive rebuilding of your site.

This packagesafe sets up automatic backups at a schedule you determine, then it sends those backups to a safe remote location. If you want, you can download them to your computer, or you can just leave them on the server.

For simplicity and security, we are offering to set up one of three backup destinations for you. The cost of these destination servers is your responsibility but, for many, the free Google Drive account will be plenty. Available servers are:

  • Dropbox (Probably not a free account)
  • Google Drive (Free account will be fine for most)
  • Amazon S3

If you are uncertain which way to go, just let us know and we'll help you choose. We charge a little extra for Google Drive or Amazon s3 because they are a little more difficult to set up. But it's a one time set-up fee.

You can purchase this pack securely online with a credit card or PayPal account by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” button and completing your order.


Backup Automation with Dropbox

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Backup Automation with Google Drive or Amazon S3

Price: $150.00